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Delegated decisions

Delegated decisions week ending 24 April

Consultation response to MSDC Planning local review list:

Thank you for the opportunity to comment on the local list review, we hope that the following is constructive:

  • We would like to see a requirement to provide professional drawings, hand written drawings should be refused, these can be difficult to understand and fully appreciate the extent of the proposals
  • We would like to see all documents submitted electronically as we find that the definition can be lost where they are scanned in (especially if hand drawn)
  • We would like all major developments to include 3D renders this is very helpful
  • We would like to see it a condition that an existing street scene photo be included, as this helps with boundaries, scale and impact.

Delegated Decision for Planning Committee 20 April

Planning recommendations

Delegated Decision for Planning Committee 20 April

To refuse a request for crisis financial support to 107 Meridian FM, due to availability of the government grant process via the District Council

Delegated Decision for Public Services Committee 22 April

To agree to purchase a rainbow flag (£7.99 plus P+P) for flying in the High St during lockdown

Delegated Decision for Finance and General Purposes Committee 22 April

Virtual Meetings and Council and Committee meetings 2020

Delegated Decisions for Finance and General Purpose Committee 21 and – Policy approved 24 April